Branding & Design

It’s vital to create an appealing brand with a consistent brand identity. People should be able to see any single part of your branding and associate it with your business without thinking.

Within our team, we have some incredible creative personalities. We have individuals specialising in typography, graphic & logo design. When you bring all of these elements together under the same roof, it creates something truly unforgettable.

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Logo Design

Let’s start from the beginning, the seed that grows into your business – the logo. We believe your logo must convey the perfect message for your business. For this reason, we work through a series of questions to establish a full understanding of:

  1. What you do
  2. Who your target audience is
  3. What value of client you’re appealing to
  4. What are your company values
  5. What makes you unique

Using the conversations around those questions, we can begin to piece together the initial ideas for your logo. Once those initial ideas have been agreed upon, we will go ahead and produce you three logo variations to choose from.

We understand nothing’s ever perfect the first time around and that there will always be some form of change(s) required – that’s why we offer the first three revisions free of charge.

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Brand Guidelines

Consistency is key.

There’s never enough precedence put on the importance of consistent branding which is why we’re here to make sure that’s not the case for you. To achieve this, we create a purpose-built document that outlines everything regarding your branding – from the space required around the logo to the specific RGB/CMYK brand colours. Everything will be compiled together into a brochure/PDF that you can pass to any company dealing with your branding – this will ensure they always maintain the integrity of your brand.

With this complete, you are ensuring that all future print & digital work will display your brand with the highest regard. Whether it be your website, marketing, business cards or digital print work – you need to make sure that your logo and brand are being used correctly. This consistency is what will make your brand both memorable and distinguishable from all others.

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Signage & Vehicle Livery

Vehicle Livery is as good as driving around in your advertising campaign – it’s a prevalent way to make your brand look both well established and reliable. No matter where you travel or park people will be looking at your services, your business logo, and your contact details – if your livery leaves a lasting impression, you can be sure people will call in.

Signage needs little introduction, whether you’re looking for a banner for your building, signs for active projects, or pop-up materials for exhibitions – we know a print company capable whilst having your brand’s aim in mind when we design them.

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