Unique Pet Prints

We were approached by the lovely people at Unique Pet Prints to provide an online store solution. Their aim with this store was to eliminate the fees they were paying with Etsy, or at least reduce them. In turn, we also introduced a style to the website which would open them to a whole new customer base and begin showing organically on Search Engines.

With their brand new sales platform we have achieved:

  • Organically showing on Google for their products
  • Avoided paying Etsy fees on every sale
  • Being able to sell a variety of products with custom information input
  • Ability to print and handle packing slips/invoices
  • Creating a sales funnel with previous customers
  • Putting new/potential customers into a marketing platform

Dynamic Content

When Unique Pet Prints approached us, we knew that chasing trends were going to be incredibly important to their sales conversions.

What we have achieved now is a series of features on the website that help to increase their conversion rates. On the homepage one of the first things you will see is their most popular products, this changes minute by minute depending on what is the most popular product on the website.

We also discussed whether offering alternatives was important for them and came to the conclusion it was. Now when you view a product you will see the best selling products that relate. This means typically we can lead people to something that meets their needs, regardless of where they land on the website.

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Custom Store Layout

Unique Pet Prints came to us looking for a fresh, modern, functional, and clean design. We took this brief and worked through it step by step with them to find the ideal solution.
Their website is now their house style for their brand, we’ve created more than just a website at this point – we’ve created something iconic. The style used on the website now stems across their marketing for all platforms, as well as print material – something we look forward to continuing to work with them on in the future.

We’ve made the process of buying a product feel like a journey, as you work through the steps you travel down the page knowing exactly what you’ll be receiving.

No matter what device you’re looking at the store on, it will tailor itself to meet the dimensions of the device and change the user journey to make it as simple and clean as possible.

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Payment Options

We understand people are picky and we also understand that fees are important. For Unique Pet Prints the solution we opted for was STRIPE card payments, this allowed for Apple Pay & Android Pay integration as well as all card types.

So through Stripe, we achieved the main goal for Unique Pet Prints, which was to reduce the heavy fees they were being tangled with on Etsy. Our website solution involved a one-off cost to them and from here on in a humble 1.4% + 20 PENCE charge from Stripe on card payments. Going forward they can take great solace in knowing the money is going towards growing their business further.

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